Streetlocity, as a start, is a compound word that stands for Street Velocity. I chose that name for two reasons. Street represents the community, the nation, the style. Where people aren’t judged from where you came from, but rather share the same space on the road. A simple goal to enjoy the thrills of modifying your car and making new friends that share the same passion along the way.

Velocity is pursuit of performance. That first pass down the track after spending countless hours building and testing your engine. It’s really hard to describe the desire for speed, but the thrill is real. When your mind goes on autopilot focusing on just passing the finish line as fast as possible. It’s an escape where nothing else matters but the destination.

Our Story

Streetlocity is a place you can come to make your car look and drive better, get new ideas, experiment with new projects, and meet new friends in the community. But the core value is about the people. The community as a whole. The lone wolves that go to car shows and don’t get any recognition. The ones that desire to create something that will wow the competition. Streetlocity is about supporting those who have the strongest ambition. Weather you’ve been working on cars your whole life or not, everyone comes from the same start. You didn’t know anyone, you didn’t know anything, but learning about the culture helped you to design your car better and better. That’s what it’s all about, helping those that want to reach that finish line.

My name is Alex, and Im the owner and founder of Streetlocity. My goal is always to support those who don’t get enough recognition. When you spend all your free time getting ready for a car show or a race on trackday, the last thing you want it to be ignored. My effort includes showcasing those who would otherwise get ignored by judges or even worse, get ridiculed for a style that’s a bit different. Creativity is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. People shouldn’t be silenced for a style they want to showcase. In the end when you support those who support you, it ends up creating a better environment for everyone.


We're a small independent shop with no major investors. We thank our supporters everyday for helping us get to where we are today. We hope we will continue to help others for as long as we stand.